Mobile Chargers  and Cables Manufacturer in Delhi

BBET manufactures a wide range of mobile chargers, ranging from wired chargers, wall chargers, Smart Multi USB Chargers, Fast Chargers, Android Portable Chargers, USB and Dual USB Chargers, USB Fast Chargers, USB Smart Chargers, Dual USB Wall Fast Chargers.

Current variants are available ranging from 700 milliamperes, 800 milliamperes, 1 amp, 1.2 amp, 2 amps, 2.4 amp, 3 amps, 3.5 amps. Other than that we manufacture QC and PD chargers also.

We are equipped with Laser printing machines and Pad printing machines that help us print your specifications and brand. The best mobile charger manufacturer in Delhi. Blue Bell Electronics and Technologies is one of the best mobile charger manufacturing companies in India.

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